Workshop Series: Building a Solid Foundation For Life on Your Terms

January 10, 2018

Building a Solid Foundation for Life on Your Terms - A Personal & Professional Development Workshop Series


Most people go about building a life without a solid foundation. Some go along with the status quo and end up doing things that we really don't want to do. They may feel stuck, but don't know how to get out - they don't know where to start with creating the life of their dreams. This workshop series is designed to help you build a solid foundation for creating a life on your terms. For those of you who have a solid foundation, this will be a time to reflect on where you're headed in 2018 and beyond. You don't need to attend part 1 to attend parts 2 or 3. Each workshop carries its own weight.


Workshop 1: Aligning Your Values

Workshop 2: Setting the Course of Your Life

Workshop 3: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


This workshop series is part of our lineup of Join Week events.

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