Jamal T. Fox: YP Member of The Month

February 28, 2018


Name: Jamal T. Fox, MPA
Occupation: Property & Business Development Manager
Place of Work: Portland Parks & Recreation

Where did you grow up?Greensboro, NC
What do you consider your greatest achievement?  When I was elected at the age of 25, as the youngest-ever City Council Member in Greensboro, NC representing District 2 (Northeast Greensboro). I served almost 4 years and was elected twice in 2013 (52% of the vote) and 2015 (88% of the vote). The other was after I graduated undergrad I was offered a position at my university in the same department I graduated from to teach political science courses.
What keeps you awake at night?  Whether I am living up to my purpose. The feeling that I can do more or not feeling that I did enough. I am very mindful of events happening in our community, around the globe and the feeling that if we do not get involved what future will our children have, we have?
When are you happiest?  When I can fight for the heart and minds in our community who feel they have no voice where I can provide responsible leadership. It warms my heart when I can see progress in the community, in policies that move the needle for everyone, that elevates issues with realistic solutions that people of color face and in the way we treat and/or teach each other. 
Your pet peeve/ the thing you spend the most time ranting about?  As the late Shirley Chisholm stated, “Service is the rent that we pay for the privilege of living on this earth. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time”. All my life I have had the privilege to serve the communities I have resided in and believe that as a community we have an obligation to get involved and participate in democracy in an effort to shape the future we want to see.
Why did you join the YP’s?  I believe in service above self and in connecting with organizations with like minds that share my interests, priorities, and philosophy as it relates to community empowerment, growth and development.
Why do you feel the YPs are important? We are important because the fate of our community and future for our children depends on our involvement, skills, energy and enthusiasm and our voice. We matter and the community we seek will rely on us as the ones to make the difference!

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