Young Professional Member of The Month: Sanjayan Arulsakaran

March 20, 2018


Name: Sanjayan Arulsakaran

Occupation: Tax Accountant

Place of Work: Perkins & Co. 

What is your favorite thing about your job/work? Interacting with clients and planning and guiding them through the tax portion of their financial picture.

Where did you grow up? I was born in Sri Lanka and moved to Vallejo California when I was 12. I still have some growing up to do, but I would say my personality is a mix of an immigrant and a bay area native.

If you aren't from the Portland area - why did you move here? My wife started Law School at Lewis & Clark. We looked at a few of the cities she had offers from, but Portland stood out.

What is your favorite word? Oxymoron - As a Gemini, I think I like duality.

Favorite TV show, film, or podcast? My all-time favorite TV show is Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

What do you consider your greatest achievement? I think it is yet to come. 

What skill/talent do you most envy in others? Organization! I try so hard, and I can be organized for like 18 hours in a row at max.

What keeps you awake at night? Finding and defining the meaning of success for me. 

When are you happiest? With a basketball in my hand. 

Your pet peeve/ the thing you spend the most time ranting about? How POC consumers have limited space in creating the thing we are consuming. 

Why did you join the YP’s? Finding friends, collaborators, and a community where I can feel at home.

Your vote for best Portland POC owned hangout? Shout out to Solae's, owned by a relative of my friend Habte.

Why do you feel the YPs are important? YPs create a space for POCs of Portland to network, build, grow, collaborate, engage in civic activities, etc. All the things that don't come naturally in Portland due to the lack of diversity. YP events have introduced me to some of my closest friends in Portland. 

Fun Facts:

My wife and I did a 7-8 month honeymoon traveling across South Asia, Morocco and Europe. We thought it would keep the travel itch subsided until she was done with law school, but it only made it worse.

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